Mike Duffy’s diary entries, detailing everything from the weather to his gastrointestinal troubles, offer an interesting glimpse into the suspended senator’s political and private life.

The diary and calendar entries made between 2009 and 2012 were among the hundreds of pages of documents entered into evidence so far in the Duffy trial. We’ve combed through the minutiae of Senate business and found some interesting – and bizarre -- details.

Duffy referred to himself in third person

The calendar is full of notes such as “MD leaves for Hill,” “MD works on speech,” and “MD meets” so-and-so. MD, of course, is Mike Duffy himself.

Other examples: “MD poor night’s sleep – feels terrible,” and “MD stays home (flu).”

When he jotted down outings with his wife Heather, Duffy used “H&M.”

Tory meetings took up a lot of time

Duffy’s calendar was chock-full of meetings with Conservative Party officials and others regarding communications and elections strategies. He recorded travel for CPC fundraisers, chats with MPs and senior party members, as well as phone calls and face time with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

And he collected juicy insider info

Over three years, Duffy made many notes about other senators, MPs, Conservative Party members and internal bickering, especially those that made the news. But one poorly blacked-out entry from May 2012 stands out: “National caucus – Peter MacKay tells MD Dimitri Soudas ordered him to fly out of Nfld to do photo op – then leaked the helicopter story to the media.”

As CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported in September 2011, then-Defence Minister Peter MacKay used one of only three search-and-rescue helicopters available in Newfoundland to transport him from a vacation spot.

MacKay defended himself by saying that he was taking part in a planned military exercise. But he apparently told Duffy that he believed he was set up by Dimitri Soudas, Harper’s former director of communications.

Also discussed in caucus, according to Duffy’s diary from that day: “PM doesn’t like Conrad Black.”

Duffy kept track of his meals, stomach troubles

Week after week, Duffy jotted down details of his personal and business meals. Whether he ate at a restaurant, at a CPC function or at someone’s home, he seemed to keep track of it all, and sometimes even included quick reviews (“meal was mediocre.”)

For some reason, Duffy also documented meals that really didn’t agree with him. Consider this entry from April 2012: “MD explosive (Garlic cabbage rolls?).”