Carleton University has heightened its campus security after a young student was beaten unconscious and raped inside a science lab.

The 23-year-old woman suffered a broken jaw and dislocated shoulder when the suspect attacked her Friday just after midnight. He then tied up the victim and sexually assaulted her.

The incident happened as thousands of students prepared to start the school year at the Ottawa university, with many of them new to the city.

"I'm six hours away from home, and now I know there's some predator around the place," first-year student Meagan Cleveland told CTV Ottawa. "I'm creeped out about that."

The university has tripled its security patrols and put up more than 200 posters with information about the assault, including "an eye-witness description" of the suspect.

Officials have also "conducted a special presentation to residence students to ensure members of the community are fully aware of safety procedures on campus," Carleton said in a press release Monday.

Meanwhile, investigators are examining surveillance footage for clues.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Ottawa police at 613-236-1222.

The victim was working alone at the Analytical Chemistry Research Lab inside the Steacie Building at the time of the attack.

Len Boudreault, the Carleton University safety director, is urging students to stick together during frosh week.

"We're emphasizing the idea that if you're going out and partying, it's a new time, new friends, new rules, so you should always have friends with you," he said.

"You should look out for each other."

Alia Mahabir, a student who uses the same lab where the victim was attacked, said she was comfortable with the amount of security Carleton has on campus and warned against overreacting.

"Don't take this as a reflection of Carleton security, because it could happen anywhere," she said.

With reports from CTV's Robert Smith and CTV Ottawa's Carole Anne Guay