Cat lovers are less likely to call back after a date, dog lovers are more likely to have a one-night stand, and Canadians who don't own pets are less likely to believe in soul mates, a survey by online dating website has found.

The dating website drew these observations from a survey of over 1,000 single Canadians currently using its online services.

According to Kimberly Moffit, psychotherapist and blogger for, the results show there are significant differences in the dating styles of dog lovers and cat lovers.

"What we found in this study is that dog lovers tended to date a little bit more like dogs and cat lovers dated a little bit more like cats," she said. "The dog (lovers) were a lot more willing to spend money on a first date and were a lot more willing to have a one-night stand, so a little more eager and enthusiastic. Whereas cat lovers were a little bit more aloof in their relationships."

Moffit noted that cat lovers were less willing to spend money on a date and were also more reluctant to call after a date.

"They'll be waiting for the dog lover to reach out," she said.

Moffit noted that despite the differences between dog and cat lovers, pet preferences shouldn't dictate future dating choices.

"We can learn a lot from our partners," she said.

The survey also found the following:

  • 50 per cent of cat lovers are more likely to date someone more than 10 years younger than them
  • Cat lovers tend to spend between $5 to $20 on a first date, while dog lovers will spend between $40 to $50
  • Canadians who loves dogs are more likely to have dated a friend compared to cat lovers
  • 57 per cent of Canadians who don't like animals will marry someone without living with them first
  • 53 per cent of Canadians who don't like animals don't drink alcohol on the first date

Moffit said she was most surprised to learn that dog lovers were the most likely to have a one-night stand.

"But then when I thought about the survey results and I thought about people's relationships with their dogs, a dog requires a lot of attention…. but dog lovers also get affection from their dogs. It's immediate attention, it's gratifying and it's fun," she said.

"So a dog lover might be more vulnerable to having a one-night stand because that's something that's all about the immediate affection and validation you get from that relationship."

She said the relationships that dog and cat lovers have with their pets might also explain why dog lovers are willing to spend more money on a date then cat lovers.

"A person's relationship with their pet is kind of indicative of the company they like to keep. So a cat is very low maintenance, you don't have to do a lot of work to keep a cat… but a dog lover has to be generous."