OTTAWA - Opposition MPs are alleging that "crass politics" have resulted in a Canadian Olympic retail logo that mirrors the federal Conservative party logo.

Vancouver Liberal Hedy Fry told the House of Commons that a new logo for February's Winter Games "bears a striking resemblance" to that of the governing party.

Gary Lunn, the minister for amateur sport, responded that the federal government was "not involved in any way, shape or form in the design of any of the Olympic clothing."

The clothing and logo was developed by the Hudson's Bay Co., in consultation with the Canadian Olympic Committee and an athletes panel, and the minister says he first saw it on Wednesday this week.

The logo, unveiled Thursday by HBC, includes a red Maple Leaf surrounded by a black C-shaped arrow.

The Conservative party logo is a red Maple Leaf surrounded by a blue C.

Fry accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of "trying to politicize" the Games.

Lunn shot back that Liberals seem to delight in undermining Canadian retail institutions such as Tim Hortons and the Bay.

New Democrat Charlie Angus said outside the Commons that the two logos are very close.

"It is very clear, if the Conservative Party had nothing to do with this, then it would be suing the Olympic team for trademark infringement," he said.