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OPINION Is tipping getting out of hand? Here are some lessons from other countries

Amid high levels of inflation, many consumers are seeing a rise in requests for gratuities as more businesses ask for tips. In a column for, personal finance contributor Christopher Liew offers some background on Canada's tipping culture, while looking at common practices around the world.


opinion Threat to Donald Trump grows from within his own Republican ranks

As Donald Trump claims the justice system is being weaponized against him, political analyst Eric Ham says it's not the government or liberals seeking to take down the accused insurrectionist. But it's conservatives and one-time republican supporters taking direct aim at the ex-president.

From Don Martin, The Bottom Line


opinion Don Martin: Poilievre doesn't feel your pain, but he's sure good at communicating it

Probably no other leader, including Justin Trudeau, has landed in a party leadership with less real-world work experience than Pierre Poilievre, says Don Martin in a column for But Poilievre's an able communicator, and this weekend's Conservative convention is a golden opportunity for him to sell himself as PM-in-waiting.


opinion Don Martin: Who will step up to have 'The Talk' with Trudeau?

Ego and vanity are a potent combination in leadership politics, and in his exclusive column for, Don Martin writes this condition is infecting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mindset as he seems deadly serious about seeking re-election in 2025.


opinion Don Martin: The stunning fall of the once-promising Marco Mendicino

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino is a bright former federal prosecutor, who was destined to be a star in Justin Trudeau's cabinet. But in an opinion column on, Don Martin argues Mendicino has taken a stunning fall from grace, stumbling badly on important issues just 18 months into the job.

From Tom Mulcair


opinion Tom Mulcair: Take a closer look at what Pierre Poilievre is peddling

After delivering an epic speech to Conservative Party faithful this past weekend in Quebec City, Pierre Poilievre is riding high. In his column for, former NDP leader Tom Mulcair says it's time Canadians take a much closer look at what the Conservative leader's saying, and question whether it's the kind of leadership they want.


opinion Tom Mulcair: Why all the fuss about Twitter's description of CBC?

Why all the fuss about Twitter describing the CBC as 'government-funded media'? The CBC is government-funded media. It matters little if it’s 69 per cent or 70 per cent It’s a simple fact that it is majority government funded, argues former NDP leader Tom Mulcair.