OTTAWA - Ontario Conservative MP David Sweet is facing questions about his recent participation in a video honouring a gay teenager.

But Sweet, who in 2006 denounced homosexuality as a sin, isn't talking -- in or out of the Commons.

The video featuring Sweet and several other Tory MPs was made in memory of James Hubley, a 15-year-old Ottawa gay student who committed suicide after years of bullying over his orientation.

Its release last week coincided with Spirit Day -- designated as a day to speak out against gay bashing.

The video, however, is sparking debate about the Harper government's approach to gay rights and anti-discrimination measures.

Helen Kennedy, executive director of gay rights group EGALE Canada, calls the video disrespectful.

Kennedy suggests Sweet and the other video Tories are talking-the-talk -- but wonders if they'll walk-the-walk by supporting an NDP-Liberal private member's bill to prohibit discrimination against transgendered Canadians.