Kendra Mangione Morning Lead Producer

Perth, Ont.


Kendra Mangione has been a digital journalist with CTV News since 2012.

In more than a decade with the company, she's worked for several different teams in a variety of digital roles, including local team leadership positions.

She currently works as a producer for, in a role that includes daily coverage, long-term planning and core strategy.

She has travelled to other stations within the CTV News network, training others in digital-specific journalism.

Kendra first joined the team as an intern, shortly before graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University's journalism program. She worked first as a national writer, then joined the video-focused digital content editor team.

Kendra then turned her attention to local news, leading CTV News Toronto's digital coverage as the head web writer.

In this role, Kendra covered Toronto's climbing real estate market, Rob Ford's stint in rehab, weapons suspensions in the TDSB and several major trials. She was also the first to cover a lighter story that made international headlines: a boy's apology to the Toronto Public Library for ripping a page while reading in bed.

After years on the Toronto desk, she transferred to CTV News Vancouver in April 2016, where she covered daily news including local crime and politics, as well as education and real estate trends. She covered a range of events including the spending scandal at the B.C. legislature and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to Vancouver.

During this time, Kendra was a finalist for digital awards from both the Jack Webster Foundation and the Radio Television Digital News Association for coverage on a variety of topics.

As a producer of the digital team, Kendra also helped guide the team's overall strategy and worked closely with the broadcast assignment desk. She served as the team's web developer while in this role.

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