COPENHAGEN -- A former Lithuanian judge who exposed a pedophile ring that allegedly involved high-ranking officials in Lithuania and who was recently extradited from Chicago for that, has been released on 10,000 euro ($11,100) bail.

The Baltic News Service says Neringa Venckiene, 48, was released from custody Tuesday but remains under supervision.

Venckiene had fled to the United States in 2013 after receiving death threats. She was arrested in Chicago at Vilnius' request in early 2018 and was extradited earlier this month.

BNS, the region's main news agency, said Venckiene was detained in Lithuania of minor offences, including hitting a person, refusing to obey a court order and resisting a police officer.

The Vilnius Court overruled the Kaunas District Court, which had remanded Venckiene in custody for two months, citing flight risk.