The destruction of Hurricane Ian, which led to nearly three dozen deaths and pulverized countless homes, is only just starting to be quantified.

One of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the U.S., it raked across Cuba, the Gulf of Mexico and Florida this week before moving up into South and North Carolina towards the end of the week, finally weakening to a post-tropical storm Friday evening.

Aerial shots taken before and after the hurricane struck Florida show its catastrophic impact.

In many images, areas that once held numerous homes now only have a few buildings left, the others flattened. One photo of a row of beachfront properties has a shocking after image: following the hurricane, only two buildings remained, with debris strewn everywhere.

In another image, the roof of a home has been lifted clean off and deposited beside the house, exposing the rooms within.

Watch the slideshow of photos showing Hurricane Ian’s destruction at the top of this article