An unprecedented class-action lawsuit alleges former Ottawa fertility doctor Norman Barwin used his own sperm sample during inseminations at least 11 times.

What’s more, the suit claims Barwin mixed up dozens of sperm samples over his 40-year career.

The result — dozens of children of his former patients are not the biological children of the men who raised them or, in some cases, the donors that were selected.

They don’t know who their biological fathers are. Barwin, who was so successful that patients nicknamed him “the Baby God,” gave up his medical license in 2014.

But there were rumblings that something was wrong at Dr. Barwin’s practice as early as 1995 — the first time he was sued for using the wrong sperm sample.

He was sued again in 2009 and 2010 for the same thing.

W5 has obtained an exclusive interview — you can watch it in our video player above — conducted when Barwin was in the midst of the 2009 lawsuit.

He has never spoken on the record about his practices or proceedings against him.