Scientists have captured aerial footage of the ocean’s biggest predators facing off in the wild.

In May, drone and helicopter video captured by researchers at Rhodes University detailed the hunting strategies orcas use to take down great white sharks in South Africa.

Five orcas were spotted in Hartenbos Beach and Mossel Bay when they approached three white sharks in an area commonly used by the sharks. The aerial footage was able to capture the moment one shark was killed after the orcas were seen circling it during an hour-long hunt. While only one kill was caught on video, the observers believe three other sharks were also hunted to death.

The study, published in Ecological Society of America’s journal, is the first of kind to provide evidence of the orca’s strategies in pursuing and killing white sharks in such detail. Scientists were able to witness the orca’s using their social skills to work together in taking down their prey.

Additionally, a known orca named “Starboard'' was spotted in the pod and photographed eating the shark’s liver. Scientists also theorize this footage proves more orcas are hunting white sharks in South Africa than previously thought.

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