A video circulating online shows MP and former cabinet minister Marco Mendicino get spat on while on his way into a government building in Ottawa. 

In the video, posted on the Canadian Free Living Youtube account on Thursday, the MP can be seen making his way into a government building as people stop to try and speak with him.

Mendicino can initially be seen engaging in conversation with the individuals, who can be heard expressing their frustrations with the current government.

The video then shows Mendicino extend his arm to try and shake hands with one of them, a man, who spits on the MP.

“Oh jeez, that doesn’t seem very nice,” Mendicino can be heard saying in the video.

Following the incident, the MP immediately walked inside the building.

Shortly after, the video shows Mendicino come back outside with a member of the Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS), pointing toward the man.

“Why are you spitting on our MPs?” the officer asks the man, to which he responds, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

The officer then demands that the man apologize.

“I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated,” the protester says, before meeting again face-to-face with Mendicino.

The incident ended with a handshake after the protester told Mendicino he was sorry.

Marco Mendicino video, man appears to spit on MP

“As the matter is under ongoing investigation, I will not be commenting at this time," Mendicino told CTV News in a statement.

A number of MP’s have raised concerns with CTV News about the safety of MP’s and ministers, and the lack of consequences for incidents like this.

CTV also reached out to the PPS for a response but has not yet received comment on the incident.

Ottawa police say they had no call for service in the area.