Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch says her campaign team is beefing up security after an apparent break-in attempt at her home over the weekend.

"I have received a number of threats during the course of my time in public life," the Ontario MP said in a news release Sunday night. "They are, nevertheless, disquieting."

Leitch said she met with police late Friday night after a riding volunteer told her that someone claimed to know her home address in Creemore, Ont., and was "offering it up online to anyone who was interested in doing me harm."

Leitch's home alarm went off early on Saturday, resulting in police visiting her home to check on her safety and examine her property.

Her house was found to be secure, and there was no intruder present. But Leitch said her garage lights had been turned on and off. The alarm had been triggered by the entry closest to the garage.

“The officers speculated that someone trying to gain entry could have set the alarm off,” she said. “The police left me locked in for the night.”

The alarm sounded again an hour later, but that was thought to be caused by a fault in the system.

"Kellie was not harmed," her campaign manager Nick Kouvalis said on Sunday. "But security enhancements are being made."

Leitch attended the luncheon portion of a leadership debate in Greely, Ont., on Sunday but left before the debate began. One of her spokespeople said she left to meet with a private security consultant.

The threats come after Leitch said she shared U.S. president-elect Donald Trump’s views on immigration. At the first Conservative leadership debate, she reiterated her stance of screening new immigrants for "Canadian values."

With files from The Canadian Press and CTV News' Mercedes Stephenson