NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says Canada is “one of the lead countries in NATO” in its support for Ukraine, as the country faces a possible Russian invasion.

Stoltenberg spoke to Todd Vanderheyden in a Canadian exclusive interview on CTV News Channel’s Power Play Friday.

“Canada is one of the lead countries in NATO when it comes to providing support for Ukraine and you have been that for a very long time,” he said.

“There are not many other countries at the equal level of efforts, doing as much as Canada,” Stoltenberg added.

His comments come after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that Canada will extend Operation UNIFIER in Ukraine for another three years. The federal government also said an additional 60 people will be deployed to Ukraine with the possibility of sending up to 200 troops.

Vanderheyden asked the secretary general if Canada should send Ukraine lethal weapons.

“Different allies, have different positions on that,” Stoltenberg answered. “It is, at the end of the day, a national decision” he said. Stoltenberg noted other countries have made the decision to send defensive weapons to Ukraine.

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discusses Canada’s role in Ukraine in the video at the top of this article.