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CTVNews.ca Team

Christy Somos

CTV National News Associate Producer
Christy Somos

Christy Somos joined CTV National News in 2022. Previous to that, she had joined CTV News.ca in Toronto in March 2019 as a general news writer after two years of freelancing in London, U.K. where she assisted CTV News and CTV Your Morning’s coverage of the 2018 Royal Wedding and the 2018 major anti-Trump protest.

Christy follows global breaking news stories, trends and viral content (including memes) religiously. Her main areas of interest are crime, including serial offenders, the occult, social justice issues, human rights and global conflict.

Christy has been involved in coverage for some of the highest profile stories in recent years, including Donald Trump’s presidency, the B.C. murders and subsequent manhunt, the uprising in Sudan, the Hong Kong protests, the deaths of Ugandan children at an unlicensed medical facility and the murder of Bianca Devins.

She has experience working as an assistant field producer. She enjoys investigative journalism and doing deep-dives into research for features. Christy has previously worked with Vice Canada, CBC and CBC Indigenous writing about art, crime and world news.

Christy received a bachelor of arts with a special interest in history, medieval studies and linguistics from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., before studying at the University of King’s College, Halifax-- where she was the recipient of the Susan Williams Dexter memorial scholarship, graduating with a post-graduate degree in journalism.

Christy speaks English, with a smattering of French, Spanish and Italian. She can read some Latin and Old English and un-ironically enjoys K-pop.


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