They are not your typical BFFs. Waffles is a feisty six-and-a-half year old mini horse, while his best friend is Hemingway, a protective goose always looking out for his buddy. They were searching for a forever home, and finally found one at a farm in Montgomery County, Pa.

The story of the inseparable pair went viral earlier this month after a Pennsylvania shelter stipulated that they had to be adopted together.

The two animals were rescued from a property in Bucks County, Pa. by the local SPCA and adopted by a woman named Maddie.

“We thought they were a good addition to our farm, so we decided to apply for them,” Maddie told CTV News Channel.

“We loved that they have such a neat, unique friendship. That was a really, really cool thing to us. And we also had heard that Waffles was little bit feisty and spirited, and I really like feisty and spirited, so I thought he’d be a great fit here.”

The two animals were found on a farm earlier this summer, living under unsuitable living conditions and rescued.

“We see interspecies friendships from time to time, but they’re rare. I’ve been in this work 35 years and I’ve not seen a horse-goose best-friend pair,” Linda Reider, the executive director at Bucks County SPCA in Lahaska, Pa. told CTV News Channel earlier this month.

Prior to the adoption, the shelter said they were looking for an owner who had experience with horses, since Waffles needed specialized care.

Media reports said the shelter received more than 150 adoptions applications, and that Maddie was selected for her proximity to the shelter and resources for caring for large animals.

Maddie said the pair were settling well into their new environment and enjoying the new space, and remain inseparable.

“Hemingway just follows Waffles all over … He loves his best friend,” she said. “If one’s away from the other for any period of time, they’re both looking for each other.”


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