A Saskatchewan teenager has completed the adventure of a lifetime: travelling more than 30,000 kilometres around the world, all by bicycle.  

B’yauling Toni of Saskatoon recently became what is largely considered the youngest person to circumvent the globe by bicycle following a 206-day quest that saw him travel 30,804 kilometres across 16 countries.

“The way I view the world has definitely changed a lot,” he told CTV News Channel on Tuesday. “You get to see more of the world and you get to see more of yourself when you’re riding like that. You’re pushing yourself to the limit and you get to see who you are deep down.”

The 18-year-old began his journey last summer, just six days after completing high school. He left his front door on July 1 and headed east to Halifax, where he flew to Portugal and travelled through Europe and Asia before hopping on another flight to Australia and New Zealand. He then headed to Canada’s West Coast for the final leg.

Toni said the most challenging part of the adventure wasn’t the brutal cold of Alberta in January, but rather when he crossed Mongolia’s Gobi desert.

“They don’t have paved roads there,” he said. “I was struggling along because it was the start of their winter, so you get very fast temperature fluctuations.” 

Throughout the journey, Toni was raising money for the Outdoor School Program in Saskatoon, which provides outdoor education to high school students, including taking them on a variety of camping trips.

Toni was a participant in the program back in 2016 with the help of the Outdoor School Alumni Association, which helps to cover the cost of the course for students who otherwise can’t afford it.

“It’s something I’m very passionate about, outdoor education,” he said. “Recently their budget was cut…and I wanted to show my support for that program by riding around the world.”

Toni has raised $14,548 through his GoFundMe, half of which will go towards the program. The other half is being used to help cover the costs of the trip.

Toni is now spending a few weeks recovering from the adventure, but plans to begin competing in some endurance cycling competitions in March.


After 206 days, 16 countries, 30804 km, 1610 hours riding, and 6.9 million revolutions of my legs, i am home!! Having completed a full lap of the earth at the age of 18 years, and 100 days, I have possible became the youngest person to ever circumnavigate the globe on a bicycle. I am so grateful I had the chance to go on such an amazing adventure. the amount of support I received from so many people, in so many different ways was incredible. Thank you to the countless people who made this possible! Now time to sleep. ◾ ◾ @spokensport306 @cravensportservices @darntoughvermont ◾ ◾ #bikepacking #kona #apidura #bikewander #cycling #bike #biking #aroundtheworld #spokensport #worldbybike #biketouring #konasutra #outdoorschool #warmshowers #travel

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