Opera is typically performed in stately theatres where tickets can come with a hefty price.

But on the outskirts of Rome, Opera Camion is breaking from tradition.

“Camion” means truck in Italian. The setting for the company’s performances is a modified transport truck parked in a public square. No ticket is required, but you do have to bring your own chair.

Opera Camion is a professional troupe fully funded by Rome’s main opera house. For four years, it has been touring working-class neighbourhoods introducing the dramatic arts to new audiences.

One performer told CTV News that she enjoys the approach. “The audience is to your right, to your left, not just in front of you,” she said. “It’s lovely.”

Claudia Rivustini, who took in a recent show with some pizza and beer in hand, said that people tend to think of opera as for the elites. “This is a very cool initiative,” she said.