The Royal Ontario Museum might not have a lot to say about marijuana, but it sure knows its way around a pot.

On Wednesday, as Canadians were spending their first day in a country with legalized cannabis, the Toronto museum decided to mark the occasion with an irreverent and almost entirely irrelevant series of social media posts – all of which were accompanied by antique pots from the museum’s collection.

“Probably not the kind of Pot everyone is talking about on #LegalizationDay…this cooking pot would have been legal in New Kingdom Egypt c. 1550-1069 BC,” the first tweet said.

After photos of a 250-year-old pineapple-adorned coffee pot dubbed the Pineapple Express and, for some reason, a joke about Keanu Reeves, the museum moved on to the Qing Dynasty.

“The vessel from Peru is a ‘whistle pot’ that could be played by blowing into the spout with the noise coming out of the hole in the back of the man’s head,” the next tweet said. “Another way to blow your mind on #legalizationday”.

Shortly before noon, the person sending the tweets apparently ran into an error with the museum’s website. "The man is really getting us down,” one tweet said.

The museum’s pot-themed tweets soon resumed and continued into the afternoon.