Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to hit you in the wallet.

Eco-journalist Candice Batista joined CTV’s Your Morning to on Wednesday to offer four suggestions for ways people can save money while also saving energy.

1) Consuming less meat and dairy. While going full-blown vegan may not be for everyone, Batista suggests introducing a few days of meatlessness to your diet per week, while also attempting to focus on seasonal, organic and local food. “You’re going to have a substantial effect on your carbon footprint,” she said.

2) Using green transportation options. While some people might take that to mean commuting via bicycle or continuing to drive older cars for as long as possible, Batista feels hybrid vehicles provide the best balance between affordability and energy efficiency.

3) Cutting down on water use. Batista suggests only running dishwashers once they are completely full, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and buying a moisture-detection device to ensure plants and gardens aren’t overwatered.

4) Reducing electricity consumption. There are products which can hook into electrical systems and provide real-time data about power use through apps. Batista also recommends using smart thermostats to curb unnecessary heatingor cooling, as well as LED light bulbs – which she says have seen their quality increase and price decrease significantly in the last decade.