The family of a New Brunswick man who just recently celebrated his 107th birthday is sharing the secret to the man’s longevity: a diet heavy in fish and potatoes.

Arnold Hawkins, from the little fishing village of Beaver Harbour on the southwest tip of New Brunswick, celebrated his 107th birthday on Tuesday, where he received love and best wishes from his 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

Hawkins worked as a fisherman until well into his 70s where he mostly caught haddock, which he says are the “best tasting ones.”

"When I was little, (I’d ask): ‘How do you keep going for so long?’ And he told me ‘The secret is fish and potatoes. Eat fish and potatoes,’" Cheryl McKinley, Hawkins’ granddaughter, told CTV Atlantic.

For the family, Hawkins was more than a fisherman from Beaver Harbour. He served as great role model and father.

"He was such a wonderful, wonderful father,” said Violet McKinley, Hawkins’ daughter. “He was just a perfect dad. I don't remember ever hearing a harsh word come out of him.”

He lives in the same house where he spent the majority of his adult life and still plays the accordion, on occasion.

Besides the diet, longevity might just run in the family. Hawkins’ own grandmother also lived to be 107-years-old.

With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Mike Cameron