A Brazilian artist has created a series of colourful artworks depicting plus-size women in a bid for more self-acceptance.

In his latest work, Eduardo Santos, known as Edull, has reimagined comic book superheroes as larger-sized females, highlighting a mix of races and styles.

He has been using the plus-size movement as inspiration since 2013.

“The inspiration and the goal is to show and encourage women’s power,” Edull, 32, said.

“They are real women, they haven’t gained superpowers by chemical accidents, laboratory experiments or came from another planet. They were born with their power naturally, the power that all women have.

“I want to show that all women are powerful and make them reflect: ‘What is my power?’ ‘ What’s better on me? ‘”

Edull, from Recife in the north east of the country, graduated with a degree in art and fashion design in 2010.

His 2015 series Make Your Selfie also aims to show larger women’s self-confidence.

“The goal is to direct a look at the fat woman in society as beautiful, confident, happy, fashionable, normal and human,” Edull said.

“Each one is beautiful in their own way, because they have attitude and show their personal style and self-confidence.”

Another collection called Modern Princess, inspired by Disney characters, was made in 2014.

For more of Santos’ art visit https://heyedull.com/