A Manitoba couple decided to take matters into their own hands when they couldn’t find an appropriate venue for their “Wild West”-themed wedding and created a venue for future newlyweds to enjoy.

Dirk Slikker and wife Fiona of Garson, Man. spent two years building the full-sized Western town to serve as their wedding venue five years ago, complete with a saloon, candy store, blacksmith shop, a coal mine and even a jail.

“A lot of people put out just the bales, the odd wagon wheel and have a wedding,” Slikker told CTV News. “I said: ‘Nope, we are going to have a real Western wedding and we are going to build a whole Western town,’”

Since the Slikkers’ wedding, several other couples have used it for their wedding photos, while plenty more people have visited to check out the dozens of antique items that make the town feel authentic.

“To see how incredibly happy they are just running around and picking up different things, that’s actually really exciting for us,” Fiona said.