Nearly $40,000 has been raised online, in a single day, for a new mother whose family says she nearly died from a flesh-eating bacteria infection not long after she gave birth.

Lindsey Hubley was admitted to hospital in early March, just a few days after giving birth to a healthy baby boy named Myles.

Hubley’s case of necrotizing fasciitis (sometimes called flesh-eating bacteria) was so severe that doctors put her in an induced coma to help her fight the infection. She’s has undergone seven surgeries and is expected to face more.

Susan Hubley, Lindsey’s sister-in-law, says Lindsey has been out of the coma for a week and is in “good spirits,” but remains in critically stable condition.

Susan set up a fundraising page on the site GoFundMe to help the new parents, as Hubley adjusts to “a new way of life.” More than 500 people donated in the first day of the fundraiser.

Halifax Public Health confirmed that it has received a report of a severe case of invasive Streptococcus A, which can cause necrotizing fasciitis.

With a report from CTV Atlantic