A Wheel of Fortune contestant is being praised for spicing up the game show’s opening segment by joking about his “loveless marriage” and “rotten grandson.”

“I’ve been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle axe named Kim. She cursed my life with three stepchildren,” said Blair, a California trucker, when host Pat Sajak asked him about his family. “And I have one rotten grandson.”

“Yaaay!” joked Sajak in response. “No wonder you came here, you just wanted to get away from everybody.”

If it wasn’t immediately clear that the man was kidding around, Sajak clarified that he knew Blair was “being facetious.”

“Absolutely,” he confirmed. “I love them like nobody’s business.”

Social media accounts for the game show posted the clip online Tuesday, writing that the man “had us all laughing.” “We appreciate a stark sense of humour,” the posts said. Internet users seemed to appreciate it too, with many praising Blair for spicing up an otherwise typically predictable segment.

“It's about time someone stepped out of the trite responses of ‘beautiful,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘sexy,’” wrote one user.

“Blair fulfilled my beloved g-ma's wish,” wrote another. “She watched nightly (and one) night said, ‘Just once I'd love to hear someone say 'I'm married to a lying, cheating SOB who drinks too much, my 16-yr-old is pregnant, and my 20-yr-old just quit college.’”