TORONTO -- Newfoundlanders' famous funny bones seem to be able to stand up to the biggest snowstorm some parts of the province have ever seen just fine.

While many denizens of Canada's easternmost province spent the weekend digging out from Friday's record-breaking snowfall, some took the opportunity to remind everyone why the Newfoundland wit is known around the world.

Some donned skis, snowshoes and other winter sport paraphernalia to navigate around their neighbourhoods long before clear roads were a realistic possibility.


Multiple videos posted to Twitter show a man snowboarding down a picturesque snow-covered street in downtown St. John's on Saturday – even jumping onto one building's awning and attempting to ride it.



Other bright minds went to more exotic locales, such as one young man who was seen traipsing through a snow drift while wearing a T-shirt, shorts and a straw hat. In a video posted to Twitter, the man set up a lawn chair on top of the huge snow pile, then took a satisfied sip of a beer.


When it comes to defiance of Mother Nature's wrath, though, one woman has that sunny storm-denier beat. She tweeted a video of herself holding a Newfoundland and Labrador flag and facing the wind head-on. By Sunday afternoon, her video had been seen viewed more than 250,000 times.


Some of those hit hardest by the storm were able to find humour in the situation simply by opening their doors.

"Woke up and someone gave me another door…?" one Twitter user said while posting a photo of a wall of snow left with an imprint of their front door, address and all.




Removing snow from these jammed-up doorways meant putting it wherever room could be found, although not all attempts to remove these blockages went smoothly.




It wasn't just humans creating these memorable moments.

In St. John's, one dog was having its day turn out unexpectedly. Ken Pinsent recorded video of his dog perplexedly looking around the snow-drenched yard for a spot to urinate. "Extra treats today," Pinsent promised.


More than 76 centimetres of snow was recorded on Friday at St. John's International Airport, shattering the previous one-day record from 1999. Other parts of St. John's received more than 80 cm of snowfall, while accumulation totals topped 90 per cent in the communities of Mount Pearl and Paradise.

Even though winds in St. John's peaked in the 130 km/h level, songbirds seemed to be taking the snowstorm in stride. One video shows the birds calmly eating out of a backyard feeder, seemingly oblivious to the conditions.