Bingo, the Jack Russell terrier who has been the constant companion of a sick Manitoba boy for years, has died.

CTV National News correspondent Jill Macyshon tweeted the sad news late Tuesday night.

"A very special dog. Very sad news. The little service dog the world has come to love died peacefully Tuesday. RIP Bingo."

Bingo caught the world's attention when her young owner, 11-year-old Cole Hein, posted a bucket list for the dying dog on Facebook.

The so-called "lick-it-list" inspired strangers from around as far away as Australia and China to send dog treats, donations and letters to the Hein family's Manitoba home.

Television celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan got involved too, creating the Bingo Hein Legacy Fund for training service dogs and helping abandoned animals.

Bingo started working with the family when Cole, suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition, was just a toddler.

The illness caused him to retch uncontrollably and lose his breath. Bingo's job was to monitor Cole around the clock, and alert the family to any problems.

Cole's illness is now largely under control, but Bingo's health had been failing due to canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

After Bingo's seizures became worse last week, they had to make a difficult decision. The 14-year-old terrier was euthanized on Tuesday.

The dog's ashes will be buried in Cole's grandparents' backyard.

Donations to the Bingo Hein legacy fund can be made online, or mailed care of the Cesar Millan Foundation at 10844 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA, 91601.