Four countries are competing for the best fireworks display at a show in Canada’s capital region.

Displays from designers out of Chile, France, Greece and Italy are lighting up the night sky twice weekly at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que.

Preparation for the displays starts days before as the fireworks are placed on a barge and synchronized with music.

“We start with the music, the music is the line of the show and also the story of the show,” said Romain Schonfeld, a fifth generation pyrotechnician from France.

“This is really a chance and also a big challenge to represent my great-grandfather in my company (Pyragric).”

The teams get 2,400 canons to craft their vision in their bid to impress the judges.

Thousands of spectators have already been dazzled by the shows this summer, which are an informal qualifier for some the bigger displays worldwide.

Although Canada was not competing in the event, the show’s production director said a win here is a big boost for any team.

“It's more and more famous every day, if you won here, it will open the door for other countries and other festivals,” David Hamon said.

More than 20 countries have competed in Gatineau since 1996, including Canada, flying in parts from fireworks hubs including China and The Netherlands.