A veteran TV news broadcaster made news of his own when he was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on one of Toronto’s busiest highways.

CTV News Special Correspondent Lloyd Robertson was driving southbound on the Don Valley Parkway early Thursday morning when the rear-left corner of his Volkswagen Tiguan SUV was struck by another vehicle causing it to spin out of control. He described what happened during a report for CP24 after the accident.

“I was in the middle lane. I headed off to the left lane and then into the median,” Robertson said. “This [front end of his SUV] crashed the median, spun me out to the right. I headed around to the right, hit a van, knocked the van over, and then I continued on for a bit and came to a stop.”

Robertson described his relief at not being injured in the collision.

“I was still in one piece. I knew that. I got out of the car and I was able to walk away,” he said. “It’s a pretty bad accident as accidents go and of accidents I’ve covered over the years myself.”

Robertson said the other car that him spun out in the other direction and was facing the wrong way on the highway.

“It was busy and cars were coming from all directions and you’re thinking, ‘Wow. I’m still standing,’” he said.

Const. Clint Stibbe told CP24 that several vehicles were involved in the accident in the southbound lanes. Traffic was snarled on both the southbound and northbound lanes of the highway after several vehicles rear-ended each other in the northbound lanes following the initial collision.

There were only minor injuries reported.

The driver of the first vehicle that hit Robertson’s SUV has been charged with careless driving, CP24’s Cam Woolley reported.

All lanes of the southbound DVP were reopened just before 9:30 a.m. after being closed for three hours.

With files from CP24