Car thefts have become so common in Canada that the Canadian government has crafted a "national action plan."

Carjacking gangs are behind many of these crimes, according to the federal government.

Reports from victims suggest there may be ties to body shops in some cases, including in Mississauga, Ont., where police in April said they found large car parts and cars with defaced Vehicle Identification Numbers.

Police said they believed the car parts were being sold in the "grey market," where unauthorized sellers sell authorized products.

The Mississauga case is just one example in an ongoing trend. Thefts were up 50 per cent in Quebec and 34.5 per cent in Ontario, according to an industry report comparing 2021 to 2022. In the Greater Toronto Area, thefts climbed 104 per cent.

Similar increases in vehicle thefts have been noted in other cities in Canada.

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Is there, or was there, a police investigation? If so, what have the results been so far?

Or do you have another theory? Were there any signs pointing to what may have happened? Do you think there's anything you could have done, or will you be taking action, to prevent future thefts?

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With files from CTV News' Luca Caruso-Moro and's Phil Tsekouras