Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have given a big boost to a Winnipeg woman's "Little Box of Rocks" business.

Kiera Fogg, a Winnipegger and mother of three launched her "healing crystals" business earlier this year.

When she first started selling the boxes of rocks, Fogg said she had no idea how popular they would become.

"I said to my husband 'This is either the craziest idea I've ever had or it's going to be amazing,'" she told CTV Winnipeg. "Then one day I was sitting at my computer and my computer started to blow up. There was order after order."

The sudden surge in traffic came courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Hollywood star and lifestyle guru featured "Little Box of Rocks" on a list of recommended products on her website, Goop.

"I sort of ran out of my office very excited. I went to my husband and told him 'Oh my gosh. We have Goop!' And he was like 'What's Goop?'" Fogg said, laughing.

A few weeks later, the boxes of rocks caught the attention of another celebrity.

Actress Cameron Diaz included the product on her website, in a gift guide called "Finding inspiration and motivation."

"Little Boxes of Rocks" come in sets ranging from $35 to $38.

Each collection contains four or five stones, which are associated with different characteristics or spiritual meanings, Fogg says.

For example, the "Wildflower" set, which includes moonstone, aquamarine, amethyst, clear quartz and wildflower seeds, is supposed to offer courage, protection and wisdom.

Fogg's personal favourite is the "Moonstruck" box, which includes a set of moonstone, garnet, rose quartz and clear quartz "infused with the energy of hot, lunar passion."

Thanks to the celebrity endorsements, she's now shipping out hundreds of boxes a day, and has hired six part-time staff members.

Most of the orders are bound for New York, but Fogg said local business is also picking up.

The rocks have proven so popular that Fogg is even looking for a bigger space to house her business.

When she finds one, she'll have to bring along her favourite stone, pyrite.

"I have a sparkly cluster that sits on my desk," she says on her website.

The rock symbolizes success.

With files from CTV Winnipeg