Numerous witnesses say a ball of flame streaked across the night sky in B.C. Monday night, causing a bright flash and a loud boom as a suspected meteor blazed through Earth’s atmosphere.

Police in south-central B.C. and eastern Alberta say they received dozens of calls about the fiery phenomenon, which occurred at approximately 10 p.m.

Several people posted about it on social media, including B.C. resident Jacquie McKay, who shared security footage of the incident.

It’s unknown where the fireball fell.

One witness described it to CTV Vancouver Island as “a green-coloured streak that split into two and spread across the sky, and it just completely went out.”

The American Meteor Society (AMS) has logged nearly 200 reports so far from people who spotted the fireball, some from as far away as Saskatchewan, Idaho, and Montana.

It’s unknown where the fireball fell. But judging by its southeast-to-northwest trajectory, the AMS believes it “terminated” near Meadow Creek, B.C.


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