Calling all bargain hunters and collectors in the Ottawa area  - Saturday could be your chance to walk away with a treasure trove of deals from the government. From a jet ski to motorcycles, this could also be an opportunity to find that perfect Father’s Day gift without paying full price.

For six hours this weekend, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, the federal government will open its surplus warehouse to the public. It has operated a permanent online auction site for years at, but this is the first time the public will be allowed to browse items in person.

“We sold a Tesla once. We sold other really cool assets, and sometimes you can see some of those here,” Nicholas Trudel of Public Service and Procurement Canada told CTV Ottawa.

“There’s a couple of museum pieces that were used for displays,” he added, but said they were not historic artifacts.

Other items up for grabs range from boots and clothing used in the arctic for research, snow blowers, camera lenses, office chairs, bikes, and old TV equipment.

While shoppers will still need to buy larger items through the website, a warehouse visit will be an opportunity to touch and feel a big ticket item before emptying the wallet. Smaller items that can fit in a car will be cash and carry. There is no negotiating prices.

Many more items located across the country - from vintage barber chairs and old fashioned pram strollers to a solid gold bar - are also available online. Depending on the success of Saturday’s event, however, the government could open its doors to the public again.