GoFundMe is releasing an initial $1 million in fundraising money to the organizers of the trucker convoy protesting vaccine mandates, after the website had temporarily frozen the funds earlier this week.

In a statement to CTV News, a GoFundMe spokesperson said the organizers have provided a plan for the money’s distribution to cover the costs of gas for those planning to protest this weekend at Parliament Hill.

“The trust and safety of our global community is our top priority,” the spokesperson wrote in the statement. “That is why we're following our standard verification process and working directly with the campaign organizer to ensure the funds are distributed as stated by the organizer and in compliance with the law and our Terms of Service.”

“Our goal is to protect the generosity of donors and ensure that all donations go to those intended. As part of our verification process, we require full transparency from the organizer about the flow of funds to ensure there’s a clear plan and donors are informed on how the funds will be spent.”

The convoy of truckers protesting vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions left British Columbia last weekend and expect to arrive in Ottawa on Saturday. On Thursday, parts of the convoy passed through Toronto and Kingston, Ont.

As of Thursday evening, the GoFundMe page to raise money for the movement had raised nearly $6.4 million.