Former Afghanistan hostage Caitlan Coleman is back on American soil with her children after a family law court in Ottawa approved the request, according to a report from ABC News.

Her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle remains in Canada as he awaits trial on multiple charges, including assaulting a child. The names of his alleged victims are protected by a publication ban.

Coleman is also reportedly pregnant again, and although she lived as a devout Muslim during her years in captivity, she is seen in a recent photo without a hijab.

The couple were on a backpacking trip to Afghanistan in 2012 when they were abducted by a group with links to the Taliban. They were finally freed by Pakistani troops in October and returned with their three children, who were born in captivity, to Smiths Falls, Ont. They lived with Boyle’s parents until they began renting an apartment in downtown Ottawa.

On New Year’s Day, Boyle was arrested on more than a dozen charges, including administering a noxious substance and two counts of sexual assault. In June, he was released on bail, fitted with a GPS electronic bracelet and ordered to live with his parents, Patrick and Linda Boyle, in Smiths Falls and continue receiving psychiatric care. His trial will begin in March, 2019.