CALGARY -- A Calgary man charged with second-degree murder in the deaths of his mother, stepfather and girlfriend finally has a lawyer but will remain under psychiatric care.

Rebecca Snukal was in court to represent Dustin Duthie as he appeared via closed-circuit video.

"Your honour, I am advising that Mr. Duthie is fit to stand trial however he is also certified under the Mental Health Act," she told the court on Wednesday.

Duthie was examined by a psychiatrist last month who determined he understood the charges against him and was capable of instructing a lawyer. But he will remain at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatry Centre in Calgary under a mental health warrant.

Snukal requested disclosure and had the case put over to Oct. 10. Duthie remained silent during the brief appearance.

A court order is in place preventing Duthie from contacting five people, including members of both families.

The bodies were all discovered July 31, but investigators say they believe Duthie's girlfriend, Taylor Toller, died around July 26 in her condo.

His mother, Shawn Boshuck, and his stepfather, Alan Pennylegion, were found in their home and court documents allege they were killed July 31.

Police have said it appeared the deaths were connected, but no motive has been confirmed.