Warning: Some of the details may be disturbing to readers

An Ontario school bus driver who admitted to videotaping children eating treats laced with his semen has been sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of child pornography charges.

Parents were disgusted to learn that the driver from London, Ont., who cannot be identified in order to protect the identity of the children he abused, would put his bodily fluids onto cookies and other treats and give them to the kids.

The man, who was arrested last year, pleaded guilty in June to 23 charges, including voyeurism and possessing, making and distributing child pornography.

Court heard that the man gave the snacks containing his semen to 39 children from kindergarten to sixth grade over a period of two years.

The driver also filmed the children eating the treats and then shared the videos online, where he went by the handle “Steps.”

The court heard how he would masturbate and put his semen on treats and feed them to the youngsters on the bus.

One devastated mother who submitted a victim impact statement wrote that she was “sickened” by the man’s actions.

“The permanence of this makes my daughter a victim over and over again,” she wrote, referring to the videos.

“The details of the event are very disturbing, it sickens me to think of what (he) did to my child and others.”

The bus driver, who is in his early 30s and a father himself, has been banned from visiting public spaces where children might be, such as parks and pools, for 20 years.

He is also not allowed to use the internet for 15 years and is attending counselling.

Justice Allan Maclure told the driver that he has “a lot of work to do” for his own sake and for “the sake of all the children in our community.”

While sitting in the prisoners’ box, the man, who has been registered as a sex offender for life, showed little emotion as the judge handed down his decision.

With files from CTV London’s Nick Paparella