The deerpocalypse – or at least, the deer breeding season – has arrived on Vancouver Island.

Two dog owners were attacked by aggressive deer in a B.C. community on Monday, amid mating season for the normally timid forest creatures.

The incidents happened in Oak Bay, a community on the southeastern edge of Vancouver Island.

In one case, dog owner Shawn Burton says a buck injured his miniature pinscher by stomping on its legs.

"The buck came at her (the dog) and when she went close to it, it started stomping her feet," Burton told CTV Vancouver Island. He said the small dog might have fractures in its legs from the attack.

Also on Monday, a buck charged at a woman who was out running with her dog. The woman was knocked to the ground and sustained some minor bruises and torn clothing, according to officials.

One witness said the buck reared up before striking the woman with its antlers.

"The deer went up on its hind legs and he sort of stomped on the dog with his front legs," said Natalie Bowes, who saw the attack. "Then he had his head down and he nailed (the woman) with his antlers."

Both incidents took place within a few blocks of each other.

Peter Pauwels of the B.C. Conservation Service says it's not uncommon for deer to become aggressive during their mating season, which occurs in late fall.

"Pretty much 100 per cent of aggressive interactions between deer and people involve a dog," Pauwels said, adding that it's the dog that the deer is unhappy with. "And if the person is there with the dog, they're just collateral damage."

With files from CTV Vancouver Island