A B.C. Supreme Court judge has reserved his decision on whether to throw out the case of a man who alleges his credibility has been damaged by the province who won’t acknowledge Bigfoot is real.

Tracker and documentarian Todd Standing appeared in a New Westminster courtroom Tuesday asking Justice Kenneth Ball to order a trial where Standing says he’ll present evidence “way beyond a reasonable doubt” that sasquatch exist.

Lawyers for the province argued that the lawsuit is frivolous and lacking “an air of reality.” Bigfoot is widely believed to be a mythological creature.

“If sasquatch exist -- and I know they do, and I say they do, and I could take you out and show you one -- is that frivolous?” Standing said Tuesday in front of the courthouse. “The most man-like primate on the planet exists right now and I can’t get Fish and Wildlife to do anything.”

Justice Ball will take time to review the arguments in the case before providing a written decision at a later date. If the case goes to trial and Standing is successful, he has asked that a provincial biologist accompany him on a search for sasquatch.

“We’ll see what happens, what the court thinks. But, I mean come on, is it not the discovery of the millennium to find a primate species in North America? ” Standing asked. “If I’m right, this is the discovery of the millennium and it’s not wasting anyone’s time. This is an extremely important issue.”