An Alberta man has been handed a four-and-a-half year prison sentence after admitting to meeting a teen online and then twice travelling to Ireland to have sex with her.

Jashua Tremblay, 34, first made online contact with the girl in 2012, when she was 13. They exchanged nude images online. When she turned 14, he flew to Ireland and had sex with her.

Court heard that Tremblay returned to Ireland to have sex with the girl on a second trip. That’s when he was caught by authorities.

Tremblay pleaded guilty to three charges related to luring to facilitate child pornography, luring for sexual contact as well as flying to Ireland for actual sexual contact with a child.

He was handed his sentence in court on Wednesday.

Crown Attorney Craig Krieger told reporters after the sentencing that he gives credit to police in Ireland, who put a “tremendous amount of effort to prove the identity of who this adult was that had come to violate one of their kids.”

After Tremblay’s sentence is complete he will face a 10-year ban on internet contact with children, or from attending any place where children might gather.