A Conservative senator whose previous comments on Indigenous people were criticized, is once against finding herself in the spotlight after writing an open letter telling First Nations how they should move on from historical traumas.

1. Status card: A Conservative senator is once again facing a backlash for her comments about Indigenous people, after writing an open letter telling First Nations people that they should "trade in" their status cards for a Canadian citizenship.

2. Waterton wildfire: Residents are starting to return to their properties in southern Alberta, after a wildfire tore through their community.

3. Medicare: A Canadian doctor who gained attention for defending Canada’s health care before a U.S. Senate committee in 2014 is throwing her support behind Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bid for a similar system in America.

4. Unsafe water: A Cape Breton First Nations chief is taking matters in to his own hand, and hiring a foreign company to help solve the community’s issue of bad drinking water.

5. Goat found: A blind goat that went missing from an Alberta farm on Sunday has been found only a few kilometres away. Daisy, whose owners offered $10,000 for her safe return, was found unharmed.