Injured soldiers could lose compensation, a forgotten history lesson, fighting time to find water, and the latest in a bizarre case. Plus, the power of advertising.

1. CTV Exclusive: Elite soldiers involved in Canada’s most dangerous and secretive military operations could now lose a special monthly allowance if they are sick or injured for more than 180 days.

2. Doomed to repeat: In which war was the battle of Passchendaele fought? If you don’t know, you’re in the vast majority of Canadians.

3. Search for water: In one of the world’s largest refugee camps, a team of Canadian geophysicists is scanning the ground in hopes of finding a reliable source of clean drinking water for hundreds of thousands of displaced Rohingya.

4. Walk of shame: Alberta RCMP have charged three suspects in the bizarre case of an apparent kidnapping with a distinct lack of clothes.

5. Power of advertising: A man may have gone too far when he made an epic commercial to help his girlfriend sell her 1996 Honda Accord.