For three generations the use of 2,4D was considered the popular method of controlling weeds in the lawn. In recent years the use of it has either been legislated out of use by provinces or municipalities while many Canadians have simply chosen not to use it for their own reasons.

The control of lawn weeds has changed dramatically as a result.

To minimize the weeds in your lawn, here is my recipe:

1. cut your lawn at least 2 1/2 inches high - the tall grass blades will shade out many potential weeds and 'the taller the grass blades the deeper the grass roots: therefore more drought tolerant - bonus!

2. Compete weeds out of existence. Over seed your lawn with quality [Golfgreen is all that I use] grass seed, which is spread evenly over a one or two centimeter layer of triple mix. Rake smooth, step on it with flat soled shoes, fertilize with Turf Starter and water well until established.

3. remaining weeds can be extracted with a 'weed puller' or long handled speedy weeder 4. there is an effective granualised product on the market this year called Sarittor, which is a naturally occurring fungus that attacks young broadleafed weeds when temperatures are below 24 degree c. Look for it at your garden retailer: it is sold in a refridgerator."


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