This week on Canada AM, I feature my favourite websites, blogs and e-newsletters for gardeners. Below, you'll find a complete list of these online resources.

In addition, I'm inviting CTV viewers to contact me with their gardening questions. This is the perfect time of year to get your answers!

Think about the great garden that you are planning for this coming spring -- colour, attracting wildlife, creating a quiet place in your yard or a garden full of cut flowers – now is the time to plan for it if you are ever to achieve it!

Please keep in mind that not all questions can be answered on air, but we will endeavor to get back to you by e-mail if we have your contact information.

Mark Cullen

Heritage Perennials

This is the most complete listing of perennial flowering plants available online. You can look up each flower by name or by colour, bloom time, cultural care or sun exposure. You can also access endless lists of perennials by growing zone or prime attribute, as well as other factors such as butterfly attraction, fragrance and suitability for cutting.

The Plant Encyclopedia

Find any plant on earth! That is The Plant Encyclopedia's slogan. They also have a search engine where you can ask "any" gardening question. For the plant collector, this is the deepest site that I have found for specific plant information.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

You'll find everything here to do with attracting desirable wildlife to your garden. You'll also find information on things to do in the garden, habitat ideas, blogs and a search engine for facts.

I Can Garden

This Canadian website was created and maintained by my friend Donna Dawson. It's a user-friendly site that provides a wide variety of communication tools. There are gardening forums, a live, 24-hour chatroom, seed savers (exchange), polls and a monthly newsletter. You'll also find more than 8,000 gardening articles in the website's archive. Best of all, it's free.


This Canadian website is "the" source of new bulbs, plants, vines and Suttons seeds. I like to check out what Dugald Cameron, the President of Gardenimport, has to offer each spring. This year, his list of new introductions is more than 100 plants long.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

This is the official site of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. It provides sources for contractors, designers and horticultural specialists. It also celebrates the best of the best through its annual Landscape Awards program. Lot of inspiring pictures here!

Mark Cullen

Here, you'll have access to an archive of more than 3,000 newspaper articles, an internal search engine, free monthly newsletter, weekly blog, podcast and a direct link to my weekly segment on Canada AM.

Sheridan Nurseries

This website features a complete list of hardy plants and gardening tips.

The Year Round Veggie Gardener

Niki Jabbour, The Year Round Veggie Gardener from Halifax, has a great blog that gardeners will enjoy.