Why not consider planting an Olympic gold garden this season?

There are a lot of plants to choose from that are proven garden performers and winners in my experience.

Rudbeckia Goldstrum: This pick was the perennial plant of the year a few years ago. It loves the sun and increases in size and number of blooms each year up to zone 4 (Ottawa). It is also disease and insect resistant.

Potentialla: This hardy flowering shrub always performs in any sunny garden with well-drained soil. Hardy on the prairies up to zone 2, these buttercup-shaped flowers last a long time and don't stop blooming all summer long.

Gerbera: Give this annual well-drained, sandy soil and lots of sun and watch it grow all summer. This plant is a member of the dandelion family, so you can expect it to bloom reliably.

Euonymous Emerald 'n Gold: This broad-leafed evergreen creates a great looking shrub. It also performs well as a self-clinging vine. Hardy to zone 4.

I am sure that you can come up with some other plants that you would enjoy in your Olympic winner garden.

Sunflowers and calendula would be on my list!

Mark Cullen