A Calgary man praised for rescuing an abandoned baby inside a dumpster was the child's father.

The man told CTV Calgary that he didn't know his girlfriend was pregnant until Tuesday. She told him she wasn't feeling well and went home, where she gave birth. The man then found the child, but it's unclear if he knew at that moment that he was the infant's father.

The baby is now in stable condition at a Calgary hospital.

CTV Calgary interviewed the baby's uncle, who lives with the couple. He said he "didn't know at all" that the woman had been pregnant.

"Over a period of a year, it didn't even look like she had" gained much weight, he added. "She might have gained five pounds or something like that, but nothing overly unusual."

The baby was found naked, with his umbilical cord still attached, inside a garbage bag and suffering from hyperthermia.

Police said Wednesday the baby's condition has greatly improved, and he is no longer in life-threatening condition.

Investigators and the Crown are now discussing possible charges.

"Because the baby was put in there with no expectation it would survive, that's where the attempted murder charge (could be considered)," Staff Sgt. Leah Barber said at a news conference.

A psychological assessment is to be performed on the 29-year-old mother. Child services is now involved in the case.

Police said numerous Calgarians called to ask how they could help the infant.

With a report from CTV Calgary's Bill Marks