A 24 year old man has serious, potentially life threatening injuries. He was stabbed in the chest while cycling at Fish Creek Park.

It happened around 5:30 while two seperate groups were riding bikes in Fish Creek Park. As they came across each other, one group asked the other to move and was told no.

As they left the area, someone chased down the victim on his bike and stabbed him in the right hand side of the chest. It happened at the Elbow Drive entrance to Fish Creek Park.

Despite his injuries, the man managed to bike to his parents home in the community of Canyon Meadows. He collapsed in the driveway.

His mother happens to be a registered nurse, she began treatment on her son while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

The man was rushed to hospital in stable and police tell CTV he may have a punctured lung. Investigators continue to search for the assailant.