A London, Ont. man is looking to clear his name of a crime that his lawyers say Canada's most notorious killer, Paul Bernardo, confessed to commiting in a 2006 police interview.  

Twenty-years ago, Anthony Hanemaayer, was convicted of break and enter and assault with a weapon, in relation to an attack on a 15-year-old girl.

He told London's A-Channel that he was living in Newmarket, Ont. for only a month with his wife, when police knocked on his door and told him he was under arrest.

"I'm like 'Obviously, you got the wrong guy because I've never broken into someone's house,'" he said.

The mother of the girl witnessed the attack and she insisted it was Hanemaayer. Bernardo lived two blocks away from where the attack took place.

Hanemaayer said he was already on bail for "petty crimes" and did not want to go to jail for a long time, so he pled guilty to lesser charges. He was sentenced to two years in jail.

"I had no more fight left in me. My lawyer told me that 'you plead guilty to a plea or otherwise you do six to 10 years," he said. "I was just defeated."

"I've done some bad things, but nothing that monster. But I've always admitted to it.

"I just wanted it to go away."

Hanemaayer said that police contacted him a few years ago about his conviction, saying that new evidence had come to light.

Then earlier this year, lawyers from the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted contacted him, saying that in a 2006 police interview, Bernardo admitted to the attack.

When asked what he thought when he heard the name Bernardo linked to the crime he served time for, Hanemaayer noticeably grimaces.

"Lot of thoughts. Angry. Hurt. Betrayed."

Now 40-years-old, Hanemaayer says all he wants to do is clear his name. Next Wednesday, he will go before the Ontario Court of Appeal to plead his innocence.

"I could never, ever fathom the idea of hurting a girl," he said.

He said it is difficult for him to talk about the subject with people.

"It's a very sore wound. It's like opening up a can of worms, I just wanted to forget about that whole part of my life," he said. "Especially now, that I am associated with a monster like him."

Hanemaayer, a big, rugged roofer, tears up when asked about how the conviction has changed his life.

He said that he lost his marriage because of the toll of the arrest and subsequent conviction. He adds he has "no faith" in the justice system.

New Bernardo Interview

The Globe and Mail has accessed a transcript from a 2006 police interview with Bernardo, that has been filed by Hanemaayer's lawyers.

In the chilling transcript, Bernardo says he sexually assaulted and killed women because he suffered from "performance anxiety."

"That's what I had back then, so I used sex as a vice," Bernardo said in the April 16, 2006, police interview. "Now, I work out. I wake up every day knowing I'm not psychopathic. I care about people. I cried during 9/11. I cried during Columbine."

Bernardo is serving a life sentence for two first-degree murders and two aggravated sexual assaults. He has been declared a dangerous offender and is unlikely to ever be released.

He is also known as the "Scarborough Rapist" and is believed to be behind numerous sexual assaults in southern Ontario in the 1980s and early 1990s.