It's one of the most unspeakable punishments any Canadian can imagine -- a lifetime ban from the local Tim Hortons – and one a New Brunswick man is fighting back against.

Jimmy Craig, a New Brunswick paramedic, says he was banned from two local Tim Hortons' stores because he complained about the decaf, but the company says it was because he was aggressive towards staff.

"I made a complaint to the store manager in 2008 and things changed for a while and the coffee got better and then, in 2009, it went back to the same thing -- getting burnt coffee all of the time," he told The Canadian Press.

"There comes a point when you get tired of going back to the store to get it replaced. And it adds up when you drink three or four a day to throw almost $2 coffee away."

But after filing two complaints the company's corporate office, and meeting with a store manager, Craig was given a letter informing him of the ban.

Company spokesperson David Morelli said the staff at the St. Andrews, N.B. store could not please Craig, no matter what they did.

"He became increasingly aggressive with store staff and was impacting their ability to serve other customers," Morelli said. "Our staff work long and hard to please each customer every day, but at some point we have to respectfully agree to disagree."

Craig strongly denied he did anything aggressive to staff.

"I never broke any rules, that's why it baffles me so much, I could see if I made a scene or something, but I didn't," he told CTV Atlantic.

"Some people asked me ‘Why do you go back?' – well, I went back because it was convenient, it's the only coffee shop open in town 24 hours," he added. "It wasn't bad all the time, but I was tired of burnt coffee."

Craig said he plans to talk to a lawyer to see if the ban is enforceable. He says he doesn't plan to buy his coffee at Tim Hortons anymore, but instead brew his own at home.

As a paramedic, however, he will be allowed to enter the stores to save a life -– but he won't be able to get a coffee for his troubles.

With a report from CTV Atlantic's Mike Cameron