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Mackenzie Gray

Producer, CTV National News



Mackenzie Gray is a producer for CTV National News in the Parliamentary Bureau in Ottawa. Mackenzie joined the bureau in 2015 and since then, has worked on CTV’s Question Period, CTV’s Power Play and written the occasional article for CTVNews.ca, before joining the CTV National News team full-time in 2018.

You can usually find Mackenzie roaming the halls of Parliament trying to track down cabinet ministers, at a press conference or at his desk filing ATIPS.

Outside of work, Mackenzie is often seen biking to and from his favourite record shops trying to find new vinyl, watching sports, or making a cocktail while entertaining friends.

Mackenzie grew up in Ottawa and stayed here for University, where he received a BA in Communications with a minor in Canadian studies from the University of Ottawa

Mackenzie speaks English and enough French to know when to get a politician to repeat a good French clip in English.